Professional Certificate on Facebook Marketing


If you want to be successful with Facebook advertising, you might love this course! You will discover complete skill set needed for Facebook advertising that will lead you to strategize Facebook marketing campaign effectively & in prescribed manner to grow your brand exponentially.  This course best fits with marketing professionals who thinks in dynamic way and would love to boost their existing strategy with Facebook Marketing. However existing social media marketer (Especially Freelancers) & Traditional Advertising Agency Professionals might be beneficial by integrating Facebook Marketing strategy with their existing marketing & branding strategy.


In Bangladesh thousands of companies have adopted Facebook marketing strategy with their mainstream marketing strategy. Many of the MNCs including but not limited to Unilever, Grameenphone, Robi, and Standard Chartered bank have already adopted Digital marketing strategy to promote their brand and thus created a huge scope of employment in such industry. It’s a growing industry and hoping to generate at least 1 lac of employment within next 3-5 years. After taking this course you can best fit with the following sectors:


  • MNCs Digital Marketing Team;
  • Digital Marketing Agency;
  • E-commerce Company;
  • FMCG Sector;
  • Software Industry;
  • Freelancing @ Upwork


Happy Facebook Marketing!


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explore Ins & Outs of Facebook Marketing
  • Create Your Business Page with professional manner;
  • Discover the magic of Power Editor;
  • Create Target Audience (Custom, Saved & Look A Like) using Power Editor;
  • Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control your Facebook Campaign (DMAIC Process);
  • Use proper Facebook Marketing leveraging its prescribed structure: Account > Campaign > Adset > Ads;
  • Set up Facebook Pixel to your Website to measure your ad performance.


  • Learning by Doing
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Question and answer session


Session 01 & 02 : ABC of Facebook Marketing

Define Facebook Marketing, Comparison Between Facebook Marketing & Google Advertising, Creating a Basic Sales Funnel for Facebook, Create and Optimize a Facebook Page, Vanity URL on Facebook, SEO Tips for Optimizing Facebook Page, Facebook Page Insights,

Session 03 & 4  : ABC of Facebook Marketing

Create and Optimize a Facebook Page, Vanity URL on Facebook, SEO Tips for Optimizing Facebook Page, Page Creator Studio, Facebook Page Insights, Competitor watching, Facebook Shop, Facebook Page Role, Facebook Message Auto Reply, Sharing Debugger Tools Facebook, Facebook Ad Manager vs Business Manager

Session 05 & 6: Strategic Planning for Maintaining FB Page

Vission, Mission & Aspirations; Core Values;  SWOT Analysis, Competitive Advantages; Competitor Analysis, Weekly, Daily, Monthly & Quarterly KPI; Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals,

Session 07 : Explore Facebook Ads (Audience Exploration)

Billing Issues in Bangladesh; 5 Must Have Elements of Facebook Ad Campaign, Steps of creating a Facebook Campaign, Different Types of Audience : Saved Audience, Custom Audience & Look-A-Like Audience, Perfect Audience Setting Approach,

Session 08: Explore Facebook Ads (Campaign Structure)

Facebook Campaign Structure, Campaign > Adset > Ad, Daily Budget Vs Lifetime Budget, Campaign Budget Optimization, Facebook Ad Image/Video Specification

Session 09 : Explore Facebook Ads (Campaign Objectives)

Different types of campaign objectives, Which objectives is appropriate for your business, Lead Generation Advertising Policies Social Media Management Rules Content Posting Rules Facebook Content Calendar Generating Leads with Facebook Lead Nurturing & Management using Facebook

Session 10: Explore Facebook Messenger Ad

Importance of Messenger Ad Campaign, Advanced JSON Setup for Messenger Marketing.

N.B: Will be discussed further in ManyChat Session

Session 11 & 12 : Digital Marketing Campaign Measurement Jargon

Impression, Reach, Frequency, Result, CPR, CTR, CPC, Result Rate, CPM, Quality Ranking, Video Views, Relevance Score, Conversion Rate, ROAS, A/B Test for Facebook Marketing, Advanced A/B test using Google Optimize, Frequency Cap, LTV (Lifetime Value)

Session 13: Interrelationship Extravaganza : Facebook Ad Manager + Google Tag Manager + Website + Google Analytics

Explore the basic of UTM Parameters, Importance of UTM parameters,Creating Unified UTM Parametres, Goole Spreadsheet template for creating unified UTM parametres, Explore relationship between between UTM parameters and Google analytics.

Session 14 : Ad Fatigue Problem : Evergreen Campaign of Facebook

How to recognize ad fatigue, Review CRFC Metrics, Overcoming ad fatigue, Set up evergreen campaign to overcome ad fatigue issue.

Session 15: Facebook Content Creation IDEA, Process & SOP

80/20 Rule for Content Creation, Facebook Content Idea development process, Standard operational procedure (SOP) for content creation. Brand Content vs Sales Content, Storytelling strategies.

Session 16: Facebook Pixel : A Magic Tool of Re-marketing

Introduction to Facebook Pixel, Standard Events, and Custom Conversions ; Set up Facebook Pixel using Google Tag Manager, Create Custom Conversion, Contact form 7 tracking using GTM

Session 17: Google Tag Manager for Facebook Marketing

Introduction to Google Tag Manager (GTM), Why GTM is used in Facebook Marketing?, Set Up Facebook Pixel Using GTM, Facebook Standard & Custom Event Setup using GTM,

Session 18: Facebook Reporting & Analytics

Create a Report using Facebook reporting, Facebook Ad Optimization, Ad relevance optimization technique, Placement Optimization, Adset

Session 19 : MS Excel to Visualize Data and Optimize Ad

Concatenate Function for custom audience creation, Chart creation using MS Excel, Primary Axis vs Secondary Axis,

Session 20: Tips & Tricks of Facebook Advertising



Course Details
Training Type Live Online Training
Date June 12, 2020
Class Time 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM
No of Classes 14
Class Schedule Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
Duration 28 Hours
Venue House-8, Road-4/A, Ground Floor, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Last Date of Reg. June 10, 2020
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About The Trainer
Instructor Saied Rahaman
Who Should Join
  • E-commerce Entrepreneurs
  • Company Owners
  • Marketing & Brand Professionals
  • Marketing Agency Owners/Professionals
  • Online Marketers & Freelancers
  • University Students
  • Anyone interested in Online Marketing
What Will Be Provided
  • Facebook Marketing for Business Growth Book
  • Course Materials
  • Digital Hub Solutions Ltd. Branded goodies
  • Digital Hub Solutions Ltd. branded certificate