Video Marketing for Business Growth


If you want to be successful with Digital advertising, you might love this course! You will discover complete skill set needed for Facebook & Google Adwords advertising that will lead you to strategize Facebook & Google Adwords campaign effectively & in prescribed manner to grow your brand exponentially.  This course best fits with marketing professionals who thinks in dynamic way and would love to boost their existing strategy with Digital Marketing. However existing social media marketer (Especially Freelancers) & Traditional Advertising Agency Professionals might be beneficial by integrating Digital Marketing strategy with their existing marketing & branding strategy.


In Bangladesh thousands of companies have adopted Facebook marketing strategy with their mainstream marketing strategy. Many of the MNCs including but not limited to Unilever, Grameenphone, Robi, and Standard Chartered bank have already adopted Digital marketing strategy to promote their brand and thus created a huge scope of employment in such industry. It’s a growing industry and hoping to generate at least 1 lac of employment within next 3-5 years. After taking this course you can best fit with the following sectors:


  • MNCs Digital Marketing Team;
  • Digital Marketing Agency;
  • E-commerce Industry;
  • FMCG Sector;
  • Software Industry;
  • Freelancing @ Upwork


Happy Digital Marketing!


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define Digital marketing;
  • Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control your Facebook Campaign;
  • Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control Your Google Adwords Camaign;
  • Measure Ad Performance leveraging the power of Google Analytics;
  • Prepare yourself for achieving prestigious “Google Adwords Certification”


  • Learning by Doing
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Question and answer session


Chapter 1: Introduction

  1. Course Overview
  2. What is YouTube
  3. How You Tube works for viewers, creators & brands?


Chapter 2: Opportunities

  1. The Future of You Tube & YouTubers
  2. 5 reasons you need a YouTube channel
  3. 5 ways to monetize a YouTube channel


Chapter 3: Resources

  1. Tools require to start YouTube Video Marketing
  2. Best places to find resources for projects
  3. Understanding copyright of intellectual property for YouTube


Chapter 4: Video Editing – Premiere Pro for YouTubing 

  1. PC configuration
  2. Install adobe premiere pro in windows pc
  3. Understanding the workspace
  4. Overview of project panel
  5. Add/import project files
  6. Timeline editing tools
  7. Effects & Transitions
  8. Effects control panel
  9. Remove audio background noise
  10. Microphone suggestion for audio recording
  11. Lumetri Color Palette: Color correction
  12. Essential Graphics Panel
  13. Rendering project timeline
  14. Adjustment layer
  15. Add slow motion zoom-in/zoom-out effect to objects
  16. Add horizontal-vertical scrolling texts
  17. Export settings setup
  18. Wrapping up



Chapter 5: Video Editing – Camtasia for YouTubing 

  1. Install camtasia in windows pc
  2. Overview of the workspace
  3. Screen recording
  4. Project settings
  5. Media & Library: Import project files
  6. Timeline, editing tools & properties
  7. Annotations: Add texts, bubbles, animated signs etc
  8. Transitions: Video transitions
  9. Behaviors: Animation loops to texts & objects
  10. Animations
  11. Cursor Effects
  12. Audio Effects: Remove background audio noise
  13. Voice narration & Visual effects
  14. Captions & Interactivity
  15. Export final project output
  16. Wrapping up


Chapter 6: Practical Project Development 

  1. Select a topic for Channel
  2. Top 20 profitable YouTube channel ideas
  3. How to generate unlimited video ideas?
  4. How to create a go-to production template?
  5. How to make videos in front of camera?
  6. How to make videos without showing up in front of camera?
  7. How to make texts based professional videos without voice?
  8. How to make storyteller animation videos?



Chapter 7. Graphics & Branding Design Strategy 

  1. Channel Landing Strategy
  2. How to create beautiful graphics de pro with snappa?
  3. How to create a professional YouTube channel?
  4. How to design beautiful logo for a Youtube channel?
  5. How to design beautiful channel art?
  6. How to design professional video thumbnails
  7. Photoshop overview
  8. Install Photoshop in windows pc
  9. Introduction of workspace
  10. Create a document
  11. Add elements
  12. Capture any color
  13. How to write bangla in photoshop?
  14. Duplicate & resize a document
  15. Photoshop layers
  16. Blending options
  17. Crop & remove spots
  18. Blur & gradient effects
  19. Create shapes



Chapter 8: Video SEO 

  1. What is SEO?
  2. How Video SEO works?
  3. Understanding YouTube algorithm
  4. Important SEO factors of YouTube videos
  5. Find keywords using Keyword Planner Tool
  6. Setup TubeBuddy tool
  7. Upload & optimize a video on YouTube for SEO



Chapter 9: Understanding YouTube Features 

  1. Create Intro & Outro
  2. Info card & end screen
  3. Customize Channel: Channel settings
  4. Add channel trailer, channel description, social links
  5. Dashboard overview (Classic)
  6. Video Manager
  7. Live Streaming
  8. Community
  9. Channel – features, monetization, branding & advanced
  10. Enable Google Adsense & Setup payout setting
  11. Analytics & reporting
  12. New YouTube studio



Chapter 10: Miscellaneous 

  1. How to make voice sound super cool like professional?
  2. What gears I use to make videos for YouTubing?
  3. 5 Strategies to follow as a YouTuber for guaranteed success
  4. Resources optimization & calculating profit margin
  5. Secret strategies to get 1000 subs & 4k hours watch time quickly
  6. How to get 100x ROI by offering products or services
  7. How to deal with brands for sponsorships (pricing strategy)?
  8. How to leverage YouTube as a brand or company?
  9. How to get a dual currency card for online purchases?
  10. How to make voice sound super cool like professional?


Chapter 11: Conclusion 

  1. Wrapping up
  2. Congratulation’s
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